Justin Bieber Auditions, Singer Wants Fans in 'Believe' Tour

Justin Bieber recently launched a new campaign where fans can audition online to be a part of his upcoming "Believe" tour, it was revealed.

The 18-year-old teamed up with Jon M. Chu, his tour director, to form the unique campaign which allows his fans to upload videos of themselves dancing in a bid to secure an audition for Bieber's upcoming worldwide tour.

"Justin also has such a huge online component, that's where he was discovered. You can upload your own video and audition," Chu, who also directed the "Never Say Never" movie, told E! News.

"We are creating a huge crazy show for all of you guys out there. We are going to make you proud and make you believe in magic. We know there's a lot of talent we want to see, so we are opening up our auditions to people online, around the world," he added.

Bieber, arguably one of the most polarizing stars in pop music, recently sparked a Twitter frenzy when he tweeted his followers about his new campaign. Hundreds of his fans immediately began uploading their homemade videos.

"When I started it was on YouTube… Why can't it happen for you? #BELIEVE in YOURSELF," Bieber tweeted.

The audition recently caught the eye of ex-Texans cheerleader Lindsay Slott, the former NFL cheerleader. She will try out for the tour on Thursday.

"It's really refreshing to see Justin Bieber's staff reaching out to the rest of the world, rather than just those who are only located in L.A. This gives 'agent less' dancers like myself a shot at doing something they've always dreamed of because they are utilizing the technological advantages before them," Slott, a trained hip hop dancer, told Houston Chronicle.

"The process for this is different because the style of dance they are looking for is different and much more difficult. If I were to make this tour, I would be traveling around the world dancing in sold out stadiums for one of the biggest music artists in pop," she added.

Auditions are open to fans across the globe and the deadline is Aug. 17.