Justin Bieber Car Violation: Singer Could See Citations

Justin Bieber's high-end Fisker Karma sports car has attracted the attention of law enforcement agents and could earn the singer violations.

The eco-friendly car was a lavish birthday present from Bieber's manager Scooter Braun last month. It features a chrome reflective paint job and rows of fuchsia-colored lights that create dangerous distractions while on the road.

California state law indicates that only white and amber lights are permitted, not Bieber's signature colored lights on his Fisker Karma.

In addition to the illegal lights, law enforcement sources said Bieber's tinted windows are also an illegal shade, according to TMZ.

If caught driving the car with illegal features, Bieber could see traffic tickets that not only fine the singer, but require him to remove any tinting and special lights.

Bieber has been spotted more frequently in the Los Angeles area after purchasing a home in Calabasas last week. Friday, the "Boyfriend" singer was seen in the Fisker Karma with girlfriend Selena Gomez while they picked up fast food together.

Priced at $100,000, the luxury sports sedan runs on both electricity and gasoline. Ashton Kutcher is also a fan of the unique vehicle, and jokingly accused Bieber of copying him by driving it.

The actor explained while he and Bieber appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that Bieber had also expressed an interest in Kutcher's home ahead of receiving the Fisker Karma.

"It's my car," said Kutcher of the luxury vehicle. "He's, like, trying to get my house and then he takes my car."

Bieber replied, "Scooter got it for me it wasn't my idea!"

The Fisker Karma belonging to Bieber has made waves on Twitter as well. Fans of the singer are commenting on the car's unique appearance.

One Twitter user, Reese, said that the car was "ridiculously shiny," while Lisa wrote, "If you see a car on the road looking like aluminum you'll know it's Justin Bieber."

"Now everywhere he goes, people will know that it's Justin Bieber. That car is sick!" Tyra posted.

"Justin Bieber," wrote Milli. "The only person who gets a car that looks like a mirror on wheels."