Justin Bieber Tour Bus Contained Marijuana, Seized at Border

Justin Bieber's tour bus was stopped along the Canadian border in Detroit when marijuana was discovered on Sunday.

U.S. border authorities seized a small amount of the illegal substance from the bus as well as drug paraphernalia intended for personal use.

Bieber was scheduled to perform Sunday night in the U.S. and members of his crew were crossing the border when a drug-trained dog detected illegal substances during a secondary of the bus inspection, according to The Detroit Free Press.

The bus was one of Bieber's many vehicles used for touring, and the singer was not on the bus at the time, according to chief officer and public affairs liaison for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Detroit, Kenneth Hammond.

"It was a commercial touring bus, they have to undergo immigration and custom checks," Hammon continued, but did not reveal how much marijuana was seized.

Nevertheless, the bus driver was issued a civil penalty while the bus and its passengers were released.

The marijuana discovery is the latest sign of trouble for Bieber who has made headlines for unusual behavior in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, a video of the 19-year-old urinating in a mop bucket and cursing President Bill Clinton was leaked online.

Consequently, Bieber reportedly issued an apology to President Clinton.

The incident sparked a reaction in celebrity chef Mario Batali who was asked that he would have done had Bieber urinated in one of his restaurants.

"I would have brutally kicked his a--," said Batali while on "Piers Morgan Live" speaking to guest host Anthony Bourdain.

"That's not just being funny and flip, that's actually peeing on somebody's workplace," the chef added. "That's odd. That's weird. I think he just needs a wake up call. I don't think he's an evil kid."

Bieber also recently ran into problems with his neighbors in Calabasas, Calif. after reportedly driving dangerously, according to TMZ.