Kanye West Complains About Ranking on MTV List, Slams Sway Calloway

Kanye West is upset that he was not placed higher on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list.

The annual list from the music television network ranked West, 35-year-old rapper and producer, as number seven. The music mogul, who is expecting his first child with reality television star Kim Kardshian, called New York City radio station Hot 97 to vent about his positioning on the list.

"Number 7 bothers me," West told Hot 97. "I think that [Lil] Wayne is the number one rapper in the world."

West went on to reveal some information about Sway Calloway, one of the members of the MTV voting committee who placed him on the list.

"I gave [MTV News reporter] Sway his first TV. He came over to my crib in Newark, N.J. I was living in Newark doing beats for Jay and Beans and all them and I was getting a new TV and I gave Sway his first TV," West revealed in his rant. "And really I didn't really wanna even like call to talk about the number 7 list, I just wanna tell everybody that I gave Sway his first TV. And he need to remember that."

Although West said he was happy that his protege rapper Big Sean was ranked higher than him on the list, the emceel insisted that his own rhymes were some of the best of the year.

"I don't think it's them really going bar for bar. I said, 'Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team,'" West said on the radio airwaves. "Ain't no bar, ain't no bar in the entire past 12 months that's hotter than that bar. That's one bar! I come from this battle rap, that's how I grew up in Chicago. I couldn't believe it."

This is not West's first rant in recent weeks. The 35-year-old performed in Amsterdam recently where he spoke about his issues with corporate brands.

West also performed in France and the United Kingdom, where he ranted about his issues with other celebrities like singers Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake.

"Taylor Swift beat Beyonce at the Grammys? Beyonce be dancing in heels and (expletive)," the rapper said at one appearance that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

In another rant at London's Hammersmith Apollo earlier this month, West spoke about his feelings concerning the Grammy Awards and Timberlake's latest music.