Kanye West Put Kim Kardashian on Extreme Diet?

Kim Kardashian has reportedly been placed on a strict diet by her boyfriend Kanye West in an attempt to help the reality TV personality shed weight for a potential modeling gig.

Kardashian, 31, is said to be on on the maple diet which consists of only maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper blended into a drink. West, 34, reportedly wants his girlfriend to become the face of his new clothing line and the rapper allegedly believes that losing weight will help Kardashian fit into the sample sizes.

"Kanye's unbelievable. He wants her to become the face of his clothing range DW as part of his 'brand' ambition for them both," a source reportedly told Now Magazine U.K.

"To do that she has to fit into sample sizes. He suggested she drop a stone (14 lbs.) by trying Beyoncé's diet," the source went on.

Beyonce, who is rumored to be caught in an ongoing feud with Kardashian, famously lost 13 lbs. after adopting the extreme diet for her role in the 2006 film "Dream Girls."

Kardashian's alleged fast has fueled speculation that West is controlling in his relationship with the E! reality star. In May it was revealed that the "Mercy" rapper attempted to change her appearance by asking that she adopt a more natural look, similar to that of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

"Kate Middleton has influenced [Kim's] look while in London. Kate's amazing. We watched her wedding and we thought it was beautiful. Kim's style icon is Sophia Loren," Kardashian's makeup artist Rob Scheppy previously told the Daily Star. "Kanye does like to get involved with Kim's look. He actually has a lot of input, he has amazing style so we take his opinions to heart and I say: 'OK, I'll try it.'"

West had accompanied Kardashian on a trip to London, where the couple worked on separate projects and he reportedly asked that she stop wearing heavy makeup.

"Kanye's not afraid to say what he likes. He definitely likes the less-is-more look. Everyone wants to look good for their man, so Kim will listen and say: 'OK. I'll go with what my boyfriend says,'" Scheppy explained.

Kardashian recently confirmed that she is in the process of toning down her makeup and fans suspect that she is giving in to West's demands.

"I think that I'm trying to definitely tone it down a little bit with the makeup. Every shoot I do, they let me put on the lashes and the heavy makeup," Kardashian said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "It's a security blanket for me."