Thursday, May 16, 2013
Kanye West Rant: Rapper Slams Paparazzi, Claims 'I Ain't No Celebrity!'

Kanye West Rant: Rapper Slams Paparazzi, Claims 'I Ain't No Celebrity!'

Kanye West at the CFDA Fashion awards at the Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall in New York City | (PHOTO) REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Kanye West went on a foul-mouthed tirade against the paparazzi Wednesday while performing at the Adult Swim Upfront party in New York.

TO WATCH KANYE'S RANT CLICK HERE (WARNING: Adult language and themes).

The outspoken rapper, who is renowned for lashing out at the media, began ranting before the crowd during his performance. He bizarrely insisted that he is not a celebrity and described the paparazzi as being a distraction from his work.

"One thing about me, I'm the worst kinda … celebrity because all I do is make real music. All I do is sit in the studio and make real, real s---. And that's it!" West said.

"So I don't want nobody trying to run up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures and s--- to magazines, asking me no dumba-- questions, throwing me off of my focus and s---," he went on. "I ain't no m------------ celebrity."

West, 35, continued as his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, watched on from the audience. The pair enjoyed an outing in Beverly Hills on Friday during which West accidentally walked into a street sign after being approached by paparazzi.

"I ain't running for office. I ain't kissing nobody's m------------ babies. I drop your baby and you sue me!" West said.

"I'm trying to make some music that inspires people to be the best they can be. I don't want nobody to ask nothing else of me. Don't ask nothing else of me," he added.

West, who has always had a contentious relationship with the press, appears to be growing more and more frustrated with the paparazzi. Kardashian, however, loves living in the spotlight and the reality TV star's mother, Kris Jenner, is said to be concerned that the rapper does not embrace the media attention.

"Kris is also concerned about how Kanye acts around the paparazzi. The Kardashians have made their names off the back of being photographed, but Kanye has a real aversion to it," the source added. A source told

Kardashian, who is seven months along in her pregnancy, recently expressed her concerns about her differences with West. The couple is expecting a first child in July.

"We live different lives, but I love being open. That's who I've always been. That will never change because that is who I am. It does worry me when I think about it," Kardashian told Fabulous magazine.

"I'm definitely more of a recluse since I'm pregnant but I haven't necessarily decided to hold myself back, it's just preparing myself for respecting the privacy of my child and my boyfriend," she added.


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