Kanye West Sued Over Paparazzi Attack? Attorney Gloria Allred to Announce Lawsuit

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(Photo: Reuters/Andrew Innerarity)Rap musician Kanye West is seen court side with reality television star Kim Kardashian during the national anthem before the Miami Heat played the New York Knicks in their NBA basketball game in Miami, Florida December 6, 2012.

Kanye West is reportedly facing a lawsuit after allegedly attacking a paparazzi photographer in July and reports claim famed Attorney Gloria Allred is preparing to file suit on behalf of the plaintiff.

Video footage of the alleged attack shows West, 36, lunging at Daniel Ramos, the paparazzi videographer, for being pushy and repeatedly asking questions despite the rapper's request that he "not speak." Shortly after West left the scene, police and paramedics arrived and Ramos was reportedly treated after sustaining injuries.

"Kanye shoved the photog to the ground and yelled at him after trying to take a few snaps," the photo agency claims as reported by RadarOnline.com.

"Kanye came out of the [LAX] terminal and attacked the videographer by allegedly grabbing his shoulders and punched him. The paramedics were called to the scene and [the victim] was rushed to the hospital," the agency added.

The L.A. County District Attorney's office reportedly declined to press a felony charge against West after investigating the complaint however the rapper could still face misdemeanor vandalism and battery charges in addition to the impending lawsuit to be filed by Allred.

REUTERS/Phil McCartenAttorney Gloria Allred announces the filing of a petition in Orange County Superior Court

Allred, who is familiar with high-profile legal cases, will reportedly hold a news conference Wednesday to announce Ramos' lawsuit. The purpose of the lawsuit is to "condemn the support that some celebrities have given Kanye West for his attack on "paparazzi," a statement from Allred said.

It is unclear why exactly West became enraged during his run-in with Ramos however a source claims the Grammy award-winning rapper hopes the incident sent a message to the paparazzi with regards to respecting his privacy.

"He's trying to warn them now," a source told HollywoodLife.com adding that West hopes the paparazzi "learned their lesson."

On June 15 West's girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, gave birth to the couple's first child, baby North West. The "New Slaves" rapper is reportedly prepared to do whatever it takes to protect his daughter by ensuring photographers never hound them in public.

"It's going to get real ugly when he wants to take North to the park, or walk her to get her first ice cream cone and a mob of those cameras start going off," the source warned.

"He's not about to let his little girl go through all of that and be scared. He's warning them now and he's serious," the source reiterated. "He could really hurt someone for [messing] with his family, especially his newborn."