Kate Middleton Wears $78,000 Necklace to Day Event, Criticized by Fans (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton has received widespread criticism for reportedly wearing a $78,000 necklace to a day event in London.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended an Olympic Exhibition event on Thursday sporting the extravagant necklace from renowned jeweler Cartier, according to Us Weekly magazine.

The 18-karat yellow, rose and white gold diamond Trinity de Cartier necklace features five rings and is reportedly Olympics-inspired. While some critics applauded Middleton's flawless appearance, Us Weekly readers blasted the 30-year-old for flaunting the pricey piece.

"What about children starving around the world? Don't care for her & her royal necklace & their fake royal clan," a user known as wtink wrote in the US comments section.

"I cannot believe the Queen would be happy about this and allow Kate to do this. People around the world are starving," Nonya wrote.

Despite receiving backlash Middleton believes that the piece was "appropriate" to wear to the event, a source told People.com.

Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has reportedly agreed to participate in a far less glamorous event in coming months for charity, according to the Daily Mirror U.K.

She has agreed to sleep among the homeless to help support British actress Lisa Maxwell's charity campaign known as "Sleep Out," a campaign designed to raise awareness about London's growing homeless rates.

"[Kate] asked me about sleeping out, so I said: 'Next time I do it, you're doing it with me. No excuses, [William has] done it,'" Maxwell told the Daily Mirror.

"[Kate] said: 'You're on,'" Maxwell recounted before going on to describe Middleton as being "very savvy and very smart."

Maxwell is ambassador for the British charity for the homeless, Centrepoint, the same charity previously supported by Prince William.

Prince William, 29, took part in the same campaign during 2009 where he slept on the streets among some of London's homeless and admitted that it was a "rough" experience.