Katt Williams Detained at Subway for Disturbance (VIDEO)

Katt Williams was detained outside of a Subway restaurant, according to reports, under the suspicion that the comedian had been involved in a disturbance.

The comedian was arrested twice this month, once for failing to show up to a court arraignment. Williams faces charges for assault, harassment, and obstruction after allegedly threatening a Seattle bar worker with a pool cue during a disagreement. The judge handling the case filed an immediate bench warrant even after Williams attorney argued a "medical" absence.

Days before Williams had been arrested in California under an arrest warrant for reckless driving. He was pulled over by police after committing a traffic violation.

Thursday night Williams was detained in front of a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood. According to the report, cops suspected the comic was involved in some sort of "disturbance" at the restaurant." TMZ stated. "But Katt says he did nothing wrong."

Williams was allegedly waiting on his manager, Suge Knight, who had been getting a manicure and pedicure treatment at salon in the nearby mall. Police arrived on the scene after receiving a disturbance call that listed the comedian.

"Katt was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car ... where he was smiling ... and even gave a thumbs up to a TMZ photog," the report stated. "Eventually, Katt was released from custody and allowed to leave the scene."

Williams later accused the police of being "racially motivated," although it was unclear of whether or not he was joking. He suggested that he had plans to contact Gloria Allred. Allred is a popular lawyer who handles high profile cases that involve racial and sexual discrimination.

Williams is also facing a slew of other legal issues one of which includes slapping a Target employee.