Katt Williams 'Non-Performance' Leads to Lawsuit; Fans Outraged

Funny man Katt Williams is not laughing right now after audience members became upset when he failed to perform a show in California. The comedian walked off the stage after only a few minutes.

Williams' unusual display during a show in Oakland has led to the "Friday After Next" star being the subject of a lawsuit that was recently filed on behalf of those who paid for a good time and ended up watching a short "non-performance."

Williams and promoter Live Nation were named in the class action lawsuit, which was filed by Brian Herline on behalf of all who bought tickets and went to the show on Nov. 16, according to reports from TMZ.

The lawsuit claims Williams "confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members," before ending the show after a few minutes court documents showed.

The suit was filed Nov. 21 in Alameda County and is seeking unspecified damages for what was described as "Katt Williams's non-performance," according to TMZ.

"Williams failed to perform … The audience members deserve their money back. Therefore, Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of himself individually and on behalf of all others who paid money for a show and got nothing but Katt Williams's non-performance," the lawsuit read.

The questionable comedic display took place on Oakland's Oracle Arena stage. He embarked on a rambling monologue which ended with him challenging three separate members to a fight before he was removed from the stage by event security, according to the Mercury News.

Fans had every right to be angry after they paid between $33 and $94 for tickets for a comedian who has traditionally sold out events.

"It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life," Erick Lucero, who was working at the Oracle Arena as a security guard, told Mercury News.