Katy Perry Lets John Mayer Move Into LA Home?

New reports Tuesday indicate that Katy Perry has offered John Mayer his own key to her home in Los Angeles as their relationship gets more serious.

Although neither singer has commented on the romance, Mayer and Perry have been spotted out together on numerous occasions and are rumored to be taking their relationship to a new level this week.

"John thinks it is easier to stay in hotels rather than his own L.A. pad when he visits from New York," a source close to Perry told The Sun U.K.

"But Katy insists he should stay with her," the insider continued. "She thinks it makes sense."

Perry, whose divorce from Russell Brand was finalized over the summer, was believed to be "strictly dating" Mayer. Today, it appears as though the relationship is more substantial.

As the relationship seems to be going well, many of Perry's fans are concerned the "Part of Me" singer will end up heartbroken. Mayer, 34, has been linked to Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Aniston in the past.

With news that Perry, 27, offered Mayer a key to her L.A. home, many rumors that the couple may move in together have surfaced.

Mayer cited a past relationship that took place in the Southern California city in his song "In Your Atmosphere (L.A. Song)" where he sings, "I don't think I'm gonna to to L.A. anymore / I don't know what it's like to land / and not race to your door."

The song is believed to have been about Mayer's relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston.

Still, neither Perry nor Mayer has confirmed their relationship, but one source said their romance came as no surprise to those close to the artists.

"Katy, who's had a crush on John since 2009, has been on several dates around Los Angeles," said a second source speaking to The Sun. "[She] seems to forget about John's womanizing [reputation] and the fact that he disastrously dated her pal, Taylor Swift."

Despite her divorce from Brand, Perry has admitted that he has not give up on the idea of love and marriage.

"I'm a woman who liked to be courted, strongly. Never say never, I guess you'd say," she explained to Elle magazine. "I'll let love take the lead on that."