Katy Perry Red White and Blue Eye Lashes Delight Fans

Pop singer Katy Perry has shown her patriotic side recently, celebrating Independence Day on the Fourth of July by wearing her fair share of red, white and blue.

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(Photo: Reuters)Katy Perry attends the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with her grandmother Ann Hudson on May 20, 2012.

On Tuesday Perry excited fans by taking to the red carpet of the European premiere of her movie, Katy Perry Part Of Me, wearing red, white and blue eye lashes. The premiere took place in London's Empire Leicester Square, and thousands of fans turned out to see the star and get a look at her Uncle Sam eye lashes.

Perry was wearing a white gown with thick golden inlays, and she looked to be enjoying promoting her new movie. Catholic-raised Katy Perry has had a tough year, suffering a heart-breaking divorce from husband, British comedian Russell Brand. However, she seems to have put the past behind her and is focusing on her career to keep herself busy.

Her subtle all American eye lashes delighted fans, and with every blink photographers were given a quick glimpse of red, white and blue flashes.

From London's movie premiere, Katy Perry quickly made her way to New York City, where on the Fourth of July itself she was set to perform for thousands of fans after the annual Independence Day firework display, which this year took place over the Hudson River.

However, Perry's red, white and blue eye lashes are not the only time recently where the singer has shown her patriotic side. She recently was spotted wearing an American flag dress. As she posed for photographers Perry lifted up one arm so the full flag could be seen to reveal the complete star spangled banner.

Perry is currently hoping that her promotion of her new movie, "Katy Perry Part Of Me," will go well following other successful documentary style movies starring pop singers. Justin Bieber's previous movie Never Say Never in fact topped the United States box office during its run at theaters.