Katy Perry With No Make Up, "She Looks…Normal" (PHOTOS)

A recent documentary has unveiled the usually heavily decked out Katy Perry with no make-up, and for some, the photo shows little resemblance to the well-known pop star.

Katy Perry has gone through a bit of a transformation ever since she became the pop queen that everybody knows today. She initially broke through on the scene as a blonde, Christian singer named Katy Hudson. Now, a new photo released of the star without any make up on, shows just how far the transformation has brought her from the girl she used to be.

Many described Katy Perry, when decked out in her usual attire and made up face, as a "pin-up" girl. Those same fans also criticized the star when she was depicted without make-up.

"I still like the "pin-up" look more. A lot more," Cameron Michael wrote on BuzzFeed, where the pictures were leaked.

Others however, lauded the star without make-up commenting on how "beautiful" she looked, or "normal."

"She looks…normal," Claire commented on Celebuzz.

While some have criticized the star for transforming herself into a "pin-up" girl pop star, others remark on the large amount of success that it has brought her.

"Katy's music was absolutely everywhere over the past year, and her dominance of the singles charts is a nearly unprecedented accomplishment," NARM President Jim Donio said in a statement. "She has unquestionably blossomed into a true global superstar and has earned this Award in every sense of the word."

Still others claimed that changing her look and music so drastically was a poor decision for the sake of selling albums.

"Did Katy Perry sell out? Does she even care about the message she's sending to her fans?" blogger Nicole Weider asked. "Maybe in the future she'll use her fame to once again circle back to her Christian roots and sing songs that are uplifting, not degrading. I'm hoping she will."