Kelly Clarkson Finds Missing Dog Joplin

Kelly Clarkson says this year will be off to a good start after she found her missing Labradoodle.

“I am so happy! 2012 is gonna rock because my year just started off with a freaking miracle!,” Clarkson wrote on in a post on American Country Countdown's web page about finding the dog. “Seriously, if you lose a dog around here, they either get hit by a semi [truck] or eaten by coyotes. You don't ever get them back!”

AOL Music reports Clarkson was celebrating New Year’s with fellow country star Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert in Oklahoma when her sister called from Texas and gave her the bad news. She told her that her dog, named Joplin, had run away.

Clarkson rushed home and used the noses of her neighbor’s dogs, Luna and Buddy, to find Joplin. In the post, she said she was looking for the dog on foot for hours- even getting lost in a 400 acre uninhabited area.

"I started walking through this land across from us that's like 400 acres and is undeveloped and rough terrain and home to many coyotes and God knows what else and I thought maybe he ran in there,” she wrote. “So me and Luna and Buddy walked for another hour around this land and then I just started bawling and sat down on the ground giving up.”

Finally, Clarkson said she found her dog stuck in a heap of vines. She used a knife to set him free.

“I can't believe I'm admitting this but I ran through the shallow part of the pond which was knee deep yelling for him as if he were the last living thing on the planet and he was stuck in all these vines with thorns and he was half in the water and stuck and I got my knife and cut him free and carried him home. I can't believe that happened! It is like a movie!”

Clarkson admitted that she then got lost herself and had to call her sister to come find her.

Clarkson has been off to a good start this year, being cast as a guest mentor on “The Voice.”

CBS News reported her album sales slightly increased after she received some criticism for supporting Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul on her Twitter page as well.

“I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance,” Clarkson tweeted in late December.

She was instantly met with disapproval as a result of racially charged articles published in several of Paul’s newsletters. Clarkson said she did not support any content of the articles but she does support Paul.