Kelly Needham Reveals Difficulties of Being an Artist's Wife

With more than 56,000 Facebook fans, its safe to say that many people love Christian singer and songwriter Jimmy Needham. A successful artist, Needham travels the world and ministers to thousands, but this doesn’t come without a cost. Just ask his wife.

Kelly Needham, Jimmy’s wife of four years, knows firsthand the sacrifice behind her husband’s success. With her husband on the road two to five days a week, life is often similar to her single days having to handle things at home on her own, including caring for their daughter.

In a recent Wordpress blog, Kelly Needham, shared openly about this.

“I live as a single mom for the most part. I take care of our house, our meals, our shopping, our daughter and our dog by myself. I wake up alone and go to bed alone and often go to church alone.”

Although this aspect of her life may be difficult, she said she is “grateful” for it.

Having this alone time, she is reminded that Jesus is enough for her. It helps her to depend on God and offers a means of removing the dependence she has placed on her husband.

Staying at home to raise their daughter and working full time at their home church doesn’t allow Kelly Needham to travel the world with Needham, but this was not always the case.