Kelly Rowland's Dad, Christopher Lovett, Begs for Relationship With Estranged Daughter

'I Just Pray She Comes Back Into My Life Before It's Too Late,' Elderly Man Says

Kelly Rowland's dad, Christopher Lovett, "prays" the singer will reunite with her biological father after years of estrangement. The "Motivation" singer hasn't seen her father in over 20 years, and he claims he doesn't have much time left.

Kelly Rowland's dad has been trying to reach out to the singer for years after her mother, Doris, took Kelly, then 7 years old, away. The mother left no forwarding address, he claims, which means he could never find his daughter.

"So many previous years have passed and I'm getting old," Lovett, who is 67, told Radar Online. "I just pray she comes back into my life before it's too late."

Lovett admitted that he was to blame for the split between him and Doris: he was an alcoholic and verbally abuse to his then-wife, often in front of Kelly.

"I couldn't control it. I hoped I could make it up to her. But I'm still waiting on that day," Rowland's father said, explaining that he would attempt to reach out to his daughter, now 32, whenever Destiny's Child was on a magazine cover.

Rowland hasn't commented on Lovett's most recent confession, but she did confirm in the past that her biological father has tried to reconcile his sordid past.

"He reached out to me saying he wanted to see me, but it's unfortunate he did it so publicly," she told Cosmopolitan magazine U.K. in 2011. "I want to meet him, and soon, I really do. I forgave him a long time ago."

Solange previously mentioned to Wonderwall that Rowland moved into the Knowles residence "when she was five," giving credence to Lovett's story. Regardless of how much time has passed, the 67-year-old says he just wants to meet his daughter.

"I love [her] with all my heart," Lovett said.