Kelsey Grammer Bed Dispute: Ex-Wife Camille Sends Movers to Confiscate Furniture

Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife are still embroiled in a marital feud after their divorce last year.

Camille Grammer allegedly received over $30 million in her divorce settlement from the "Cheers" actor. The amount was not enough, however, to prevent Camille from going after the furniture that is located in the house she and her husband once shared.

Grammer and his new wife Kayte decided to move back into the Holmby Hills abode in January. But sometime after they arrived, they were paid a visit from movers who were ordered by Camille, according to The New York Post.

The movers were sent to remove the furniture from the home. They were also accompanied by Camille's assistant, who allegedly brought proof that the divorce settlement granted her the right to the former couple's furniture.

"It was in the settlement that I got the bed," Camille told The Post. "He got everything he wanted, the whole book collection. But he was living somewhere else. He didn't want the bedroom furniture. He never liked the bed. He gave it up. It was really his oversight."

Camille also added that she couldn't understand why Kayte would want the bed that her husband once shared with another woman.

"Wouldn't she want her own furniture?" Camille asked.

Kelsey dismissed his ex-wife through a representative. He stated: "We don't talk about what Camille does or doesn't do. We all have better things to do."

But Grammer appears to know a few things about losing. In addition to losing millions of dollars to his ex-wife Grammer also recently admitted that he had made a poor investment in windmills.

"Big wind is doing OK ... but it was a small wind investment and it cost me a lot of money," he told TMZ of his six figure loss. "It's just one of those things that's just a straight loss."