Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles Dating: Will 2014 See Them Move in Together? 'Not Anytime Soon'

(PHOTO) Instagram: @kendalljennerKendall Jenner poses for a selfie

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are said to be growing serious despite having only dated for two months and while they are exclusively committed to one another, they are not yet ready to move in together.

The reality TV star, 18, and the One Direction singer, 20, have been inseparable since being introduced by their managers in November. Despite growing serious about one another so quickly, they are not in any rush to settle down.

"Harry and Kendall moving in together is not happening any time soon. They are young and having fun," a source told "Wedding bells or serious relationship talks are not anything they discuss. They only have fun and want to continue down that road."

Jenner, who is the younger sister of famed reality star Kim Kardashian, was first photographed enjoying a dinner date with the British pop star at Hollywood restaurant Craigs in November and since then, the pair has spent quality time together in various cities around the world including London and New York.

Styles has reportedly told friends that he is falling in love with the model, but critics fear that his love life could ultimately affect his successful showbiz career.

"Harry has told his management team as well as his band members that he thinks he's in love with Kendall. Obviously they are terrified," a source told Hollyscoop.

"His management think that she is a huge distraction and are very concerned without the amount of time he's been spending with her," the insider explained. "They want him to focus on the music right now because he's so big, and have told him not to get too serious with Kendall."

While Styles, who has been linked to various Hollywood stars including Taylor Swift, is often busy jet-setting around the world, he and Jenner communicate regularly.

"Harry is seeing stars and thinks that she is the hottest girl in the universe," the source said.