Kenny Stills in Dress Stuns Oklahoma Sooners Fans (PHOTO)

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(Photo: Jeremiah Tshimanga )Kenny Stills poses in a purple dress in this jest photo

Kenny Stills, an Oklahoma Sooners' receiver, has posed for a mock photo shoot wearing a purple dress. As can be expected when posing like that in front of friends, the photo quickly found its way onto the Internet and has stunned even the most hardened Oklahoma fans.

The photo made its way to millions of football fans via, as well as Oklahoma Sooners' linebacker Jeremiah Tshimanga on Twitter, who posted along with the photo: "What is Kenny Stills wearing ?... Smh, I don't want to know why ..I guess this is what they do at OU."

Stills played second fiddle to star receiver Ryan Broyles last year, but still managed to catch an impressive 61 passes for 849 yards, and scored eight touchdowns in the process. For the coming season he will be an important player for Oklahoma, and has been touted as quarterback Landry Jones' main target this year following Broyles' graduation.

The photo in the purple dress is sure to be ammunition for players he comes up against and opposition fans for the coming season.

The outfit is a purple-sequin dress that looks like something someone would ordinarily wear to a cocktail party. Stills shows off his numerous tattoos in the photo which cover his shoulders and arms, and most would say, completely do not go with the dress.

According to someone who posted in the thread on 247sports, where the photo was posted, the photo was meant as a joke. "It was done as a joke. One of our DB Gabe Lynn got married this weekend and they posted that saying they had another bridesmaid. I think it was supposed to be an inside joke that wasn't supposed to get out."