Kid Rock 'Made in Detroit' T-Shirts Not Really Made in Detroit After All (VIDEO)

"Made in Detroit" has become a battle cry for residents in the struggling Rust Belt city.

Kid Rock has turned that into a brand – with his "Made in Detroit" t-shirts.

The branding move has irked some, however, as the t-shirts are not actually made in Detroit.

"It's not a logo that was made in a minute," a statement on the company's Web site reads. "It's not a mark that was made overseas. It's not a brand that was made in jest. It's Made In Detroit and for 20 years it has been the singular symbol for a city that's not about to quit."

Some of the shits, though, are made in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Ohio, according to the Detroit Free Press. Others simply don't have labels – a move that may cause a stir with government regulating agencies.

Company officials said the company uses eight to 10 different manufacturers, but hopes to use more U.S. companies in the future.

But the entertainer has had similar bad ink surround his brand in the past.

In 2005, he moved the company headquarters out of Detroit and into nearby Clarkston, Mich.

The recent claims, however, take the brand not just out of the city, but out of the entire U.S.

But Kid Rock may be doing quite a bit of good with the brand.

The entertainer reportedly doesn't take any money for his role as brand ambassador. And according to the Detroit Free Press, one of the shirts even raised $25,000 in scholarship funds for Wayne State University.

It is not clear if the company plans to move manufacturing back to the United States or even Detroit specifically. It is unknown when such a move might also occur.

Watch a video with another famous "Made in Detroit" slogan below.