Kids Got Your iPad? The Best Tablets for Toddlers and Children

Parents looking to get their iPad back from their kids this season may want to consider a tablet designed especially for young minds. Consumer Report took on a recent study that explored tablet options for kids and included letting kids test the tablets themselves.

The study recommended the Fisher Price iXL for younger children in the 3-5 year old range. Perks of this tablet included a long battery life, which averaged 13.7 hours on average in tests, and portability. It was the only tablet that boasted a closable cover and also allowed parents to create profiles for their children detailing their name, favorite color, and other similar information.

Eighty percent of testers opted for the LeapFrog LeapPad. It was not the quickest to set up, since it lacked preloaded data, but was rated the easiest to use and most fun. It also featured a choice of apps, books, and games using either cartridges or by online download. It had an adjusted learning level depending on how successfully children completed levels which made it suitable for children of different ages.

The V-Tech Inno Tab was the only tablet that included a feature allowing the screen to respond when the device was moved. It boasted the most fun games although it was not voted the most fun tablet. It has also had the most pre-loaded material.

However, despite some fun packed features and their potential for learning, some parents are still worried that children spend too much time on electronic devices. An Intranet Poll Study found that children used electronics “nearly 50 hours a week.”

Parent Ashley B. commented that, “Kids are using a lot of electronics. But is it too much? Or too much for the wrong reason?”

Parents looking to purchase tablets for their children may still consider a tablet that features more learning features and less game like qualities.