Kim Jong-Un's Wife Gives Birth? Reports Speculate on Hidden Pregnancy

Rumors have abounded that Kim Jong-un's wife, Ri Sol-ju, has given birth after months of hiding her pregnancy.

No reports have been confirmed that Ri Sol-ju was ever pregnant, but that has not stopped rumors from surfacing that the wife to Korea's leader gave birth before the New Year.

Reports that Ri may be pregnant began to surface after a 2-month absence from the public eye, which was broken in November after she two public appearances.

"Rumors first came out from officials who attended the same event," Kim Yong-hoon, head of the North Korean desk at Daily NK, said in a CNN report. "They started questioning and speculating if she was pregnant and it has spread throughout the country and that's how we heard about the rumors."

New rumors began after Ri was spotted in December with what appeared to be a swelling belly. Later, at a New Year's party, the swelling appeared to be completely gone. That night Ri was wearing a more fitted dress, prompting multiple publications to speculate that she had given birth in secret.

"Ri Sol-Ju with her tummy reduced in 11 days. Has she come out right after childbirth?" the Telegraph wrote, quoting the Chosun Ilbo daily.

Suspicion was also raised over the fact that women officials performed the song "When a Child is Born" during the event.

Kim Jong-un's marriage to Ri was also done in secret. It was not revealed that the couple was married until photos surfaced in July of the pair together. According to South Korean media, the couple has been married since 2009 and shares one child. Other reports have suggested Ri's suspected new baby is her first, which could mean a potential heir to the dynasty. No report has been confirmed.