Kim Kardashian Commits Domestic Violence Against Kris Humphries? (VIDEO)

Dr. Drew Pinsky has analyzed the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries and has given his opinion on his television show.

 Was Kris Humphries the Victim of Domestic Violence from Kim?

After watching Kardashian’s nude yoga sessions and a fight which ended with her punching husband Humphries, Pinsky claimed that Kardashian was guilty of domestic violence.

"It is making me insane," Pinsky said on his talk show. "What you are seeing there is domestic violence."

"A lot of people watching this may not understand that, and I get that. 'It looks playful. What's the big deal?' It is a massive deal and it's important for everyone else," he said.

Pinsky highlighted his concern about the affect the prominent dysfunctional couple could be having on those who watch Kardashian’s show.

"For Kris and Kim, they're separating. That's over with. This doesn't need to be reported or anything, but anybody listening at home and viewing this has to understand the spectrum of domestic violence, and this is incontrovertible evidence of someone engaged in a domestic violence relationship."

Pinsky emphasized that for many cases of domestic abuse it starts in a playful manner.

"It's illegal, and it goes to a bad place," he stressed. "It progresses. It starts and goes - it doesn't stay right there. The size, gender does not matter. It goes to a horrible, horrible place."

"This is serious stuff. Michelle and I see this out in the world every day. It's because people minimize this stuff until it gets to the emergency room, then they're wondering what happened."

Pinsky then went on to say that he believed Kardashian and Humphries and other couples exhibiting similar behavior need help.