Kim Kardashian Divorce Driving Reality Star to Depression?

Kim Kardashian's dramatic divorce from Kris Humphries continues to maintain its place in the celeb media spotlight. The constant criticism and spotlight being placed on Kardashian's super short marriage has put a lot of stress on the reality TV star, and latest reports describe her looking stressed and depressed when recently spotted shopping in Miami, Florida.

Humphries has said that he wants to prove that the entire marriage was a sham, and has called for their divorce hearing to be televised so everyone can see the truth. He would prefer for an annulment to be given rather than an official divorce.

kardashian(Photo: REUTERS / Jumana El Heloueh)TV personality Kim Kardashian attends a news conference in Dubai October 13, 2011. Kardashian is in the United Arab Emirates to launch the opening of a milkshake bar at the Dubai Mall on October 14.

Kim Kardashian, who usually is more than eager to put herself in front of the camera, this time has strongly moved to block such a public hearing and would prefer everything to be dealt with in private.

This week she stepped out for a shopping trip in Miami, Florida with reports saying she wore a very low-key and uncharacteristic outfit. She was described as looking miserable and not her usual glamorous self.

It seems the pressure Humphries and his legal team are putting on her is taking its toll. "His lawyers have said the only terms acceptable for a settlement would be if Kim agrees to Kris' contention that the marriage was a fraud," The Daily Mail reported citing an insider source. "There is a stand-off... because Kim will never agree to that."

Kardashian has denied that she entered the marriage to boost her ratings and has denied that it was a sham for money. However, she is finding it hard to shake off critics who blast her for her 72 day marriage, which even among Hollywood celebrity couple divorces, is extremely short.