Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Want Baby Brother for North?

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(PHOTO) Reuters/Lucy NicholsonKim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hoping to have a baby boy after they wed in the summer of 2014, reports claim.

The engaged couple announced their engagement in October and a source claims they have already made plans for baby number two. Kardashian, 33, gave birth to the couple's first child, North "Nori" West, in June.

"They have a lot of love to give and ideally they want Nori to have a younger brother," a source told

"One boy and one girl is ideal for them. Of course they really wouldn't care if they had another girl but how sweet would it be for North to have a brother," the source continued. "Kanye wants his daughter to grow up with a brother."

West, 36, is said to be adjusting well to fatherhood and on Thursday fans got a glimpse of the rapper in daddy mode during a family getaway. Kardashian and West enjoyed a brief trip to Santa Barbara in recent days and the rapper was photographed pushing a stroller and doting over his daughter.

The "Blood On The Leaves" rapper is said to be eager for Kardashian to have a second baby.

"He's looking for the day where can read to them both, make them lunch, drive them to school and help with homework," the source said.

"He's going to be hands-on dad just like he is now," the source continued. "He really wants a boy next time then they'll be done with having kids. Two's a crowd."

West unexpectedly proposed to Kardashian on her Oct. 21 birthday and he recently revealed that they plan to wed next year. They will begin trying for baby number two on their wedding night.

"They're holding out right now," a source said. "They've got hands [full] with Nori and they're planning a wedding. So the wedding first, and then who knows, maybe Kanye will knock her up on the honeymoon."