Kim Kardashian Leaves Baby North West For The First Time

Kim Kardashian has decided to embark on a Parisian getaway with her boyfriend Kanye West, making it the first time that the new mother has left her three-month-old daughter North West.

"Kim was sad to say goodbye," a source recently told Us Weekly. "This is the first time she's been away from the baby."

Kardashian, the 32-year old reality television star, and her 36-year-old rapper boyfriend are reportedly in Paris to partake in Parisian fashion week activities, according to reports. The former took to her Instagram account to showcase a picture of she and her boyfriend with an image caption that reads, "Bonjour Baby."

West recently opened up about how his girlfriend and new baby have changed his life. After West's mother, Donda West, passed away in 2007 during a cosmetic surgical procedure, he has spoken very little about his grieving process.

However, the rapper opened up to Jenner about how her daughter and their new baby girl North was changing his outlook on things. West decided to get candid about Kardashian helping him deal with the loss of his mother on the Kris Jenner show last month.

Jenner, the 57-year-old talk show host and mother to Kardashian, welcomed the rapper on the finale of her six week talk show pilot.

"After I lost my mother, there were times I felt like I would put my life at risk," West revealed on Jenner's talk show. "I felt like sometimes I didn't have something to live for, and now I have two really special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for."

While Kardashian has been accused of being an opportunist by some in the past, West insists that their relationship has nothing to do with monetary gain.

"She gave me everything. She gave me a support system," West told BBC Radio 1 recently. "She's in a powerful enough situation that she could love me without asking for money, which is really hard for me to find."