Kim Kardashian Leopard Halloween Costume: A Step Too Far? (Photo)

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter in a leopard cat costume. Some however, feel that the reality star may have gone too far this time.

While Kim Kardashian is known to post photos of herself on Twitter some of them questionably racy, her latest photo left no questions unanswered. The picture reveals Kardashian wearing a leopard cat suit and matching cat ears.

"Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping," the star said in the caption of the picture on her Twitter account.

Twitter went as far as to block the material of the photograph. Viewers have to consent first, before being allowed to click on the image.

"Respectable women over 40 would tell her that she's being exploited," Venita Peyton weighed in on the Huffington Post blog. "Initially she had the upper hand over shell-shocked Kanye, but now she's becoming the laughingstock of the Broadway scene."

Others have also spoken out about the image and its effects on teens. In a speech during an education conference, Dr. Helen Wright suggested that Kardashian represented "almost everything that is wrong with western society." She was referencing a Us Weekly cover of Kardashian that ran in January. She stated that such images had a negative impact on young teens and tweens.

"The pupils in our schools really are soaking up a diet of empty celebrityand superficiality. They are under a huge amount of pressure, buffeted by these images and messages."

In response, some young girls have been led to believe that it is natural to upload racy photos of themselves on the internet. But that can lead to dire consequences, as shown in the recent story about Amanda Todd.

The 15 year old is believed to have committed suicide on October 10th, after she revealed her chest to a webcam. The image was captured and later used to bully her, prompting her to move schools a number of times before ending her own life.