Kim Kardashian Says Kris Not A 'Disposable' Groom

Kim Kardashian has reportedly been telling friends about her anger concerning Kris Humphries' claims that he was a "disposable groom."

TMZ reported Kim told her friends the wedding would have been "way better," if it was a made for TV production. "I'm no dummy. The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding."

Kim also said Kris' actions are "pathetic," adding, "Why fight over any of this?"

Kris really wants to annul their 72 day marriage because of his deep ties to the Catholic faith and because divorce is frowned upon in the church. An annulment would allow Kris to have a clean slate.

California law is tricky about annulments and only allows it in certain instances such as fraud and infidelity. TMZ reported that if the judge does not grant the annulment, he would seek a separation.

The gossip site asked a legal expert about the odds of Kris getting his way and it does not look good. Kris has to be able to fully prove he was defrauded into marrying Kim and will need "convincing evidence" otherwise the divorce will happen.

Star Magazine reported a story sporting the headline, "Kim's Bombshell: Kris Is Gay!" The magazine claimed Kim said Kris would not touch her once the honeymoon was over and that he now has a vendetta against the Kardashian family.

Kris' publicist did some damage control by releasing a statement to the New York Post and said the rumors are "completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay."

Reports of Kris Humphries suing Kim Kardashian for $10 million over upcoming episodes of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" are false.

Sources close to the basketball player told TMZ Kris has no plans to sue his ex-wife.

A false report surfaced last week and said Kris would be suing because of the negative way he will be portrayed in the upcoming season.