Kim Kardashian Wedding: 'Next' Will Be 'On An Island' With Kanye

Kim Kardashian's wedding plans have been revealed in a new interview, and the reality television star let it slip that her plans for boyfriend Kanye West may come sooner rather than later. Despite the fact that the socialite's divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries is not yet finalized, she has thought things out, even down to the wedding location.

Kim Kardashian's next wedding will take place on a tropical island, the diva told Tatler magazine. Her "over the top" style- though on a smaller scale, next time- will definitely affect her next nuptials.

"It had always been my dream to have a big wedding, and when people said that I'd made it over the top for ['Keeping Up with The Kardashians'], that was just me - I am over the top," Kardashian said of her first marriage to Kris Humphries. "But the next time, I want to do it on an island with just my friends and family and that's it."

She didn't mention whether or not the wedding would be filmed for the latest season of the popular E! channel reality show. The 31-year-old did say that Kanye "understands" her better than her last husband ever did, however.

"It's so nice to have a best friend in this game who understands everything you're going through," Kardashian gushed about the hip-hop mogul, who she's been dating for nearly seven months. "It's good to be aware that he definitely doesn't want anything from me too, because he understands the business."

"I can't even think about being with anyone else than the man I'm with," she added.

Her relationship with Kanye has caused controversy, as critics point out that legally, she is still married to Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kris Humphries. Furthermore, Kanye West has appeared on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," and some are skeptical that the romance may be about ratings.

Kardashian slammed these rumors, however, citing that her personal life has never been about ratings.

"Who would honestly get married for ratings?" she said to Tatler of the 72-day marriage. "It's not like ratings had dropped and we needed a boost (when I married Kris). ... It was risking ruining my career."