Kitten Sounds Like Goat: Cat's 'Bird Call' Meow Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A video of a kitten that meows like a goat has gone viral on YouTube, prompting some to suggest that the cat is "broken."

The latest cat to rise to Internet fame appears to be in the running for the "strangest meow ever." This cat, in fact, doesn't really meow at all. Instead, the kitten, whose name has yet to be revealed, offers up a sound: "meh meh."

With a blindfold on, listeners could easily confuse the kitten for a goat. The cat's owners, however, are still proud and readily uploaded a video of their new family addition to YouTube. Other cat owners suggested that "meh meh" seemed to be the regular feline reaction to birds. If that's the case, it appears that this kitty is particularly talented when it comes to bird calls.

"I've had cats that do that. I'm suspecting your cat is watching a fly or a fluttering bird, which is when my cats would do this," one user wrote on YouTube in response to the video, "although yours is louder than my cats at it. I've wondered if it is some kind of effort to use sound to lure prey, since they do it to birds and flies."

Another user posed a theory as to why cats are in the habit of making such "bird calls."

"There several theories about why: opening and closing the jaw rapidly as a cat would when delivering a kill bite to the neck of prey, out of sheer frustration/anticipation, or some even think it is to mimic the prey sounds," the user wrote. "Admittedly, this one sounds more like a goat than others, but it's not a meow."

Other users were less convinced that a cat that sounds like a goat is actually normal.

"Your cat is broken," one user said. Another suggested the cat was out of batteries or that perhaps, the sound the cat was making had been altered.