Kobe Bryant Tweets Issues With Lakers Game, D'Antoni Calls Him 'Just a Fan'

Kobe Bryant, the 35-year-old Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, recently engaged in Twitter commentary with his former coach Phil Jackson. Meanwhile, his Los Angeles Lakers lost their first playoff game and his current coach Mike D'Antoni also had some words for the injured star.

Bryant was forced to sit out of the playoff game after undergoing surgery for a recent torn achilles tendon. However, that did not stop him from tweeting during game one of the playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs Sunday.

The injured shooting guard gave his team constructive criticism on the social networking website, mimicking some advice that a coach would probably dish out to their team.

"Gotta keep the Spurs offense in front of our D. They r great at penetrating and pitching to their shooters," Bryant tweeted during the game. "What I would say if I was there right now? 'Pau get ur (expletive) on the block and don't move till u get it. #realtalk"

Bryant seemed to have a hard time watching his team struggle in their 91-79 loss to the Spurs.

"Nothing worse than watching your brothers struggle and u can't do crap about it #realtalk," Bryant tweeted Sunday.

Although the Lakers are currently being coached by D'Antoni, Bryant won five championships with the team under retired head coach Phil Jackson. Although Jackson did not identify Bryant by name in his tweet, various fans questioned if a statement that he made was directed at Bryant.

"No, you were right on…it'll drive you bananas to just watch the ship go down," Jackson tweeted Sunday. "Just one game down-get one road win."

During the postgame press conference, D'Antoni was questioned about Bryant's tweets.

"It's great to have," D'Antoni told reporters while rolling his eyes. "He's a fan. Just a fan right now."

However, Bryant did not seem happy with D'Antoni's comments concerning the Lakers All-Star.

"A fan," Bryant questioned on Twitter. "Lol. Microphone talk."