Korean Popular Culture Invading America: Lady Gaga Group Next? (VIDEO)

Korean pop culture has become a growing phenomenon within the United States, prompting some Korean stars to target the English market.

"Gangam Style" has collected over 700 million hits on YouTube, with all of the credit belonging to Korea-based singer Psy, who has now taught numerous of celebrities how to air ride a horse. But his popularity may be more than just a one hit wonder for some, who have developed a growing interest in the Korean culture.

Now other popular groups in Korea appear to be chasing after trend in an effort to achieve the same popularity that Psy has garnered in the U.S. One of those groups is Girls' Generation. The group is a 9-member, all-girl group based in Korea. They have made plans to release their first English album next year, although they are already a popular staple in Korea.

But being popular in Korea and even Japan is not enough at times due to a limited market. Success in the U.S. could lead to a much broader fan base, which is why the girls have agreed to sign on with Interscope Record Label. The label is owned by Universal Studios and also boasts artists such as Lady Gaga and Eminem.

The group has also been promoted by others in the music business, who have suggest that Girls' Generation is an obvious choice when it comes to who should make the next attempt to invade the U.S. market.

"Girls' Generation totally fit the bill," Mio Scobie, overseas editor of Us Weekly magazine said. "They produce feelgood beats, instantly memorable choruses and, as I'm sure people have already noticed, they're stunning."

And Korean music is also not the only thing on the rise in the U.S. A number of younger Americans have also taken a liking to Korean dramas, particularly those under the age of 25.