Kotb: My 'Perfect Man' is Blake Shelton

Hoda Kotb has admitted her Valentine's crush, stating that her idea of a "perfect man" looks something like country star Blake Shelton.

The "Today Show" host who appears every morning with Kathy Lee Gifford admitted that she had an idea of what the perfect man would look like. He would likely be around 6'5" with dark hair and a country accent. His name would also probably be Blake Shelton.

"You know who my perfect type of man is? Blake Shelton!" Kotb admitted on Access Hollywood Live.

The news host on to say that the dream guy would be an exact match to Shelton, 35, who is married to Miranda Lambert.

"[I want] someone like Blake," she added, laughing. "Exactly like Blake!"

Of course, she might settle for a rapper instead, Kathie Lee offered.

"She'll [also] take Flo Rida!" Kathie Lee said.

Kotb was born in Oklahoma and graduated from Virginia Tech in 1986 with a degree in broadcast journalism. She began her career at CBS in 1986 before switching to the NBC network in 1998 for "Dateline." But her Dateline job, which she still carries in addition to being co-anchor on the "Today Show," hasn't helped her any to get a date. Gifford said that she and her husband had tried but failed to find Hoda a suitable match.

"You gave me one guy ... one!" Hoda argued back with a laugh.

Too bad there is "no such thing as a perfect man," some people commented on a Yahoo blog. Although for some Shelton, with his Southern accent and good natured attitude did come pretty close. At least one woman agrees with Hoda.

"He's the sweetest guy," Lambert said during a Redbook interview. "Like, he will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone."