Kristen Bell and 'Hit & Run' Breaks Genres

Engaged couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have opened up about their new movie "Hit and Run."

"I don't say this in a bragging way, but it is definitely a genre-breaker," explained Shepard to MTV News. "It's got a lot of different things. It's really, really, really funny, and there are sweet car jumps in it, and then ultimately there's this really nice love story between Kristen and I."

Bell and Shepard have been dating since 2007, and became engaged in January 2010. The actress noted the significance of the proposal.

The real-life couple said that the new film allowed the audience to experience the chemistry between them, which Shepard described as "a very vulnerable thing to do."

"It came so naturally, and five or six minutes into a scene, where we were really genuinely communicating, we watched the tape back and thought, 'Oh, wow, we got kind of something really honest there,'" said the actor.

Although she is engaged to Shepard, Bell has admitted that she would have no qualms with starting a family ahead of their wedding.

Both Shepard and Bell appeared on "Larry King Now" this month for a joint interview discussing their relationship.

When the show's host Larry King asked the couple if they planned on having a family, both actors replied enthusiastically, "Yes!"

"We'll have them out of wedlock," Shepard, 37, added. "We're not worried about that."

"It doesn't really bother us," Bell agreed.

"We'll apply the appropriate paperwork for wills and security and such, but when he gave [the ring] to me … that meant more to me than proclaiming it in front of a group of people," said Bell. "That doesn't feel very significant to me. The moment that we shared when he proposed felt like an agreement."

The couple explained that they are in no rush to walk down the aisle, and shared their stance on gay marriage laws in California.

"Once it's official and everybody stops appealing it the minute before it passes, we'll get married," Bell, 32, told host Larry King.

Bell and Shepard's film, "Hit and Run," also includes many of the couple's real-life friends, such as Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth, Tom Arnold, Joy Bryant, Michael Rosenbaum, and Ryan Hansen. The film hits theaters on Aug. 22.