Kristen Bell's Mary Poppins Parody Combats Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

(Photo: Reuters/Chris Pizzello)Kristen Bell poses at the premiere of the film ''Forgetting Sarah Marshall'' in Los Angeles April 10, 2008.

Kristen Bell took on the role of Mary Poppins in a new sketch for "Funny or Die" this week, offering a modern twist to the iconic and magical nanny.

In the video, Bell portrayed a frustrated Mary Poppins who explained to the children that minimum wage was not enough pay before packing her bags and quitting.

"The pay's too low, I can't live on this dough," the actress offered.

Bell went on to point out that the federal minimum wage puts workers below the poverty line after taxes, social security, and medicare.

"You must be paid in more than fun," Bell says before breaking into a song set to the tune of "A Spoonful of Sugar."

"Just a three dollar increase can make a living wage," Bell sings in the clip. "I don't get these birds for free. A penguin hopping off to work is feeling like a stupid jerk- he can't even buy some fish to feed his kids. He takes a second job at night, the penguin parents start to fight, they're broke, they smoke, the college funds is a joke."

In the second stanza, Bell sings, "The CEO's in fancy suits getting their own trumpet toots forget how hard it is to work a shift. They don't like to break a sweat, they prefer to just collect, they take, they give, a lot, so much, it's really got to start."

At the end of the video, Bell's Mary Poppins opens a broken umbrella and jokes, "Well, isn't that super-cali-fragilistic-expeali-bull----." Watch the video here.

Bell, who singing voice helped Disney's "Frozen" garner international success, took on Julie Andrews' famed role impeccably. The video has since gone viral online with many people celebrating the powerful message offered in the refurbished lyrics of "A Spoonful of Sugar."

"Kristen Bell explaining why the #minimumwage needs an increase as Mary Poppins! Hilarious," one Twitter user wrote.

Americans United wrote on Twitter: "Even Mary Poppins can't survive on $7.25/hr #RaiseTheWage via @funnyordie."