Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Perfume Ad Shows Actress Covered in Flowers (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Perfume Ad Shows Actress Covered in Flowers (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart promotes Balenciaga's new Rosabotanica perfume | (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart fans got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her latest Balenciaga ad, which sees the actress promoting the French Fashion house's fragrance known as Rosabotanica.

The "Camp X Ray" star, 23, sported intricate 3D flowers and vines on her torso, back, and arms while posing for photos for the new campaign. Rosabotanica is the second fragrance in Balenciaga's botanical line of perfumes following Florabotanica, which Stewart promoted in 2012.

"It looks like the vines are starting to grow into her and they're becoming a part of her. She's clearly very comfortable there and owning it a little bit more," Stewart says in a behind-the-scenes video about her character in the ad.

"What I like about this is that I didn't have to turn into a different person. The point was to capture something natural," she explained. "If you ever feel like you're forcing something or trying to get the shot, suddenly it's just not fun anymore."

The "Twilight" star compared her latest perfume ad with her 2012 ad and she revealed that her Rosabotanica ad feels "more lived in" than the Florabotanica campaign.

"It's very much in keeping with the story. In the first one, it was very fresh. It was really clean and very bare in your face," she said.

"In this, it's a little more lived in. It's like she knows the environment so well that when the lens steps in to take a look at her, it's like, 'I've been here in my world for so long, now who's looking at me?'" she explained.

The ad comes one month after the actress was unveiled as the new face of Chanel. She will model for Chanel's new Metiers d'Art 2013-14 collection.

"I'm a huge fan of the fashion world now that I've been allowed to be a part of it, even if often times I don't even know what I'm wearing," Stewart told Marie Claire Australia in 2012.

The "Camp X Ray" star appears to be following in the lead of her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who was named as the new face of Dior Homme in June 2013.


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