Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant Exchange Verbal Jabs Over $50K One-On-One Game

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, was recently challenged by Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant to a one-on-one game for $50,000.

Irving, 20-year-old who was recently named Rookie of the Year, cautioned a 33-year-old Bryant recently as the two practiced at Team USA's pre-2012 Summer Olympics training camp in Las Vegas.

"Listen, this is not a high school kid going up to you saying 'Kobe, Kobe, Omg,'" Irving told Bryant. "This is me going to talk to you one on one. You want to do it right now? Fifty grand to a boss, it's nothing."

Bryant did not seem to be fazed by the young guard's jests and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

"You just came out of high school kid," Bryant told his future opponent. "You played two games in college. You just graduated, man what are you talking about?"

The veteran Lakers guard and five-time NBA champion proceeded to get into Irving's head by telling the young guard that his own father would think he was crazy for going through with the bet.

"I'll cut it to 25 just for you," Bryant told Irving about the money that he said would go to charity. "Your dad's going to be like 'son are you crazy?'"

Still, Irving wanted Bryant to know that he was not one to be looked over.

"Some people need 30 games and some people need 11," Irving told Bryant, referencing his short stint playing for Duke University. "You think you playing Lil Bow Wow?"

Bryant didn't miss a beat.

"You're about the same size," Bryant told the rookie. "You're going to need a pick to get me off of you... I'm going to tell you young fella this is how it goes around here."

Despite the verbal jabs exchanged, Bryant said he respected the rookie's trash talking. However he seemed sure of a future victory against the budding guard.

"I give him credit for his confidence," Bryant said. "Fifty grand to my charity, easy money."