Lady Gaga's Messages of Abstinence, Sexuality Confuse

Warning: The following contains content that may not be suitable for young children.

Lady Gaga’s got another message for her little monsters, but it’s one that may come as a surprise to many – wait to have sex.

For the controversial pop star who has graced the covers of magazines and videos wearing sometimes nothing but her own skin, abstinence, she believes, is important. Not abstinence until marriage but abstinence until ready.

Speaking to journalists at a luxury hotel in Cologne, Germany, she told BANG Showbiz, “I think young kids should wait as long as they can before they have sex. And they should use protection from the first time to the last time.”

Saying that she was not afraid to talk about sex, the 25-year-old singer made clear that she was not condemning it.

“Sex is not wrong,” she stated. “Sex is real life. I don’t see sex to be a bad thing. Sex is an inspiration for everyone and I don’t think there is one song that’s ever been written that sex wasn’t part of.”

But sex outside of love (not marriage) was something not to be messed with, Gaga, who recently split from boyfriend Luc Carl, said. She had previously told, “If you’re not having sex with someone who really loves you, they can really screw up your energy.”

“I think sometimes if you are promiscuous and are just sleeping around that people can take things from you. I think it’s always important to be making love,” she advised, also adding that you had to love yourself first before you could “give love to others.”

“I was very insecure for a very long time; I didn’t know that I would be very comfortable with it and it wasn’t until very recently that I actually enjoyed sex.”

To the multiple Grammy Award-winner, sex was what made “the world go round.”

“I don’t know if threesomes make the world go round, but I suppose, they’re fun,” she also commented, derailing her entire aforementioned advice.

Sending what seemed to be mixed or inconsistent messages to her fans, with not only her words but with her highly sexualized music videos and risqué style as well, there’s no doubt there will be some confusion.

One reader named Anne on CTV News commented, “Lady Gaga is obviously not aware of the hypocrisy she presents. Telling teens to abstain from sex is merely lip service when they are watching her videos and listening to the lyrics with blatant images of sex, orgies and other adult behaviors promoted as normal and fun. What do you think will influence these teens more?”

Dean in Abby responded, “She is a terrific entertainer and that’s all. Our fascination with people like her is what is leading our youth down a dark road. Perhaps kids wouldn’t be so quick to have sex or dress provocatively if people like her didn’t dress and act the way they do.”

Her messages carry a lot of weight, however, as her influence around the world is undeniably far-reaching. Lady Gaga was named Forbes' most powerful woman this year. She also is the most popular Twitter user with more than 10.8 million followers.

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