Lamar Odom Lakers Return? Manager Seeks a "Bargain" Player

A man down after Dwight Howard opted for the Houston Rockets over the Los Angeles team, the Lakers are on the search for a "big" deal.

Howard decided over the weekend that he would not return to the Lakers' line up despite a desperate plea from Kobe Bryant. Howard opting for the Houston Rockets instead, the Lakers were left a man short and now have just over $3 million to spend. Adding back up center Earl Clark to that loss, general manager Mitch Kupchak is in need of a "big bargain"- both physically and financially- and Lamar Odom appears to be a good fit.

The Lakers' have allegedly reached out to Odom in a possible attempt to acquire the player. Odom however, may be less willing to make the move from his current team. In 2011, after finishing off his seventh season with the Lakers, Odom was made part of a deal that would have him transferred to New Orleans. Odom discovered the plan last minute and requested to play for a different team because he felt "disrespected."

"It wasn't about going to New Orleans. It was just about how they did it. I felt a little disrespected. After being here for so long and going through so many things, I felt like they could have just told me and I probably would have accepted it. If someone is telling you that you can't be here or there's no more room for you, you got to understand that. I think because it's just how they did it is the reason why I took it so personal," the player said in a statement after the plan fell through.

Odom however, has had a less promising career since exiting from the Lakers. A year with the Dallas Mavericks proved unimpressive, and last year with the Clippers even less so. Coming off two struggling seasons, Odom could come at the right place and stand to improve his career.