Laurel Plane Crash Video Shows Wreckage After Shocking Accident (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A small plane has crashed into a home near Laurel, Md., on Thursday morning, seriously injuring the pilot but luckily not injuring anyone else on the ground.

The footage of the aftermath of the crash shows the wreckage of the plane scattered among some local trailer park homes, and also appears to show the plane's wing through the side of one of the residences.

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)A Laurel plane crash has caused huge damage to some homes.

The small plane hit two mobile homes parked in a trailer park on Bruce Street in Maryland City.

Witnesses heard a noise in the sky before coming out to hear a loud boom.

"I was standing in the kitchen of my home and I heard a loud boom," Joe Arrington told CBS Baltimore.

Arrington said he helped the 70-year-old pilot out of the plane wreckage: "I immediately smelled gasoline or something and this guy was hurt really bad. So I immediately yelled 'call 911′ really loud and panicky now," he said.

The plane had taken off at the local Suburban Airport, which is located just a mile away from where it crashed.

Other witnesses say the plane was stuttering and that it wasn't gaining enough altitude.

The wing of the plane reportedly sliced through a mobile home but luckily no one was inside the home at the time of the incident.

"It's just really really lucky that he didn't take out whole homes with people inside. That's what I'm really thankful about today," said Arrington.

Ronald Dixon has been named as the pilot of the plane. He did not own the plane, but was flying the aircraft to York, Pennsylvania, to give the plane to its new owner.

Dixon has been taken to Shock Trauma, and another person was also reportedly taken to the Trauma center.

The wreckage of the aircraft shows that it had been cut in half, with a wing broken off into a trailer home.

The scene will be investigated by aviation safety inspectors and the cause of the crash will be determined by the NTSB.

Here is a video of the aftermath of the shocking plane crash: