Lebron James Uncomfortable With One-on-One Game Against Kobe Bryant?

Lebron James appeared irritated when questioned about playing Kobe Bryant in a one-on-one game, despite the fact that Bryant said he would have no problem beating the forward.

At the London School of Basketball, James told an interviewer that his line of questioning needed to change when a one-on-one game with Bryant was mentioned.

“We won't see it, nobody will ever see it so you all can stop asking that question,” James said about the possibility of a game against Bryant.

The Miami Heat’s polarizing figure did not mention Bryant’s name when saying he believed in his ability to beat anybody on a basketball court.

“I’m not gonna not take myself against anybody,” James said. “I always feel no matter who I'm going against I'll come out victorious.”

James tried to make it clear that he did not want to view the sport with the perspective of playing an individual game.

“I mean I’m a team basketball player man,” James said. “It’s not a one on one sport.”

While James seemed to have an issue speaking about playing Bryant, the Los Angeles Laker guard seemed to have more fun with the line of questioning.

“I win, that’s what I do,” said Bryant at the same London School of Basketball where James was questioned. “One on one. That’s easy.”

Bryant was candid in expressing that he would have no problem besting James, acknowledging that the Miami Heat star was more comfortable in a team setting.

“Lebron is more like a Magic Johnson, he's a great passer,” said Bryant in an interview with the school last year. “He has a great all around game. At the core of it I'm a one on one player. I do that in my sleep.”

Bryant attributed his basketball playing roots for his confidence in being able to take out James on the court if a one on one situation were to present itself.

“Playing one on one is how i grew up,” Bryant said. “That’s my thing.”