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Like King David, 'Comfort' Can Lead Christians 'to Destruction,' Says Rapper Andy Mineo in Talk on New Album

Like King David, 'Comfort' Can Lead Christians 'to Destruction,' Says Rapper Andy Mineo in Talk on New Album

Andy Mineo performs at Lecrae's Anomaly 2.0 tour at New York City's Best Buy Theater on April 9, 2015. | (Photo: @TheBernHardy)

Rapper and Christian Andy Mineo made an appearance on the Sirius XM Shade 45 radio show "Sway in the Morning" last week where he discussed his upcoming album Uncomfortable and how having too much comfort in life can lead to people's destruction.

Mineo illustrated his point by using the biblical account of King David and Bathsheba.

"[King David] was supposed to be at war. He decided to stay back. And by staying back, he's just chilling in his crib in comfort and he just looks over the roof and he sees Bathsheba, a very beautiful woman, naked, showering, and he calls for her. And he gets into all kind of trouble. He sleeps with her, has a kid with her, and in order to cover it up he has her husband killed," said Mineo, while explaining the lyrics to the title track on his upcoming album.

"And so comfort could actually be the thing that leads us to destruction," he added. "[So I ask] God prepare me for the war, where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing instead of just selfishly indulging in myself."

During the interview, the rapper also asked host Sway Calloway and listeners if they ever considered that too much of a good thing can actually be bad for them.

Seeking out a comfortable life, and finding identity in the things that bring us pleasure could end up crushing us, according to Mineo.

"You always hear people say, 'I just want to live comfortably.' And I'm like, 'what does that mean?'" asked Mineo. "I think that God forces us to grow when he puts us in uncomfortable situations and he causes us to stretch and I think embracing discomfort for the sake of something better is where [I'm going with the lyrics.]"

Mineo used his marriage and having children as examples of situations that could easily become uncomfortable and force growth in an individual if they stay the course.

"It's not [the] easiest thing in the world, but I know that it's refining me and making me a better man. And that's something I want to lean into instead of run away from," he said.

He also addressed lyrics from his song "Uncomfortable" where he raps "keep my eyes on the Lord and grip the blade of the sword."

"The Bible is referred to in scripture as the sword of the spirit," he said. "So I'm saying grip the blade of the sword. You can grip the handle, but you [can also] grip the blade of it. The idea that I had there was like a lot of people grab the Bible by the handle and point it at people and say 'you're going to hell, get right before God.' But I'm saying I want to hold that sword by the blade because the same Word that cuts you needs to cut me."

Mineo further explained that the lyrics are meant to let others know that he is no "bigger or better" than anyone else when it comes to trying to follow the Bible.

Uncomfortable will be released on Sept. 18.

He will also be embarking on a nationwide Uncomfortable tour, which starts Oct. 1 in St. Peters, Missouri. The tour will be narrated by fellow rapper Propaganda and will feature singer Mali Music as an opening act.

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