Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering Seizure-like Symptoms

Lil Wayne was recently hospitalized after suffering seizure-like symptoms on a private jet, it has been revealed.

The 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., reportedly made an emergency landing in Texas before being transported to a local hospital where he received treatment on Thursday, according

A source close to Lil Wayne confirmed that he was "doing better" after spending several hours in the hospital. It is still unclear what exactly caused the symptoms.

The Young Money Entertainment founder appeared to be in good health during a recent interview with MTV News. He was asked about whether he is voting in the upcoming U.S. election.

"Following it? Yes, I am ... Leaning one way? No, I'm not. I'm not leaning towards no one only because I can't. I can't vote. Unfortunately, I'm an ex-con," Lil Wayne told MTV News.

"I did follow it, I am paying attention to it and you know for me following it meaning I kinda did my research on who both of these people were and not really about what they're talking about or what they're politicking about ... but just to figure out who these people are," he added with reference to President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The rapper has faced a series of legal woes in recent years, including weapons and drugs charges. He was convicted on felony charges after pleading guilty in 2010 and he has also served jail time at Rikers Island on separate charges.

"That's all I can do from a personal standpoint. I can't vote, so all I can do is figure out who these people are and whoever you guys choose at least I know a little bit about them," Lil Wayne said.

He recently confirmed that he has been busy recording new music with renowned music producer Dr. Dre.

"I've always worked with Dre. I'm not sure if you guys know how Dre works, Dre always sends you a song, so I done, probably did like 90 songs for Dre," he told MusicRoom. "You just never know which one he gonna put out."