Lindsay Lohan as Redhead, Actress Returning to Partying Ways? (PHOTO)

It appears as though Lindsay Lohan is quite literally returning to her roots. The actress, who recently finished filming "Liz & Dick" has turned her hair back to its natural red hue. But along with the color change, is Lohan returning to her destructive, partying ways?

The change from black to red was the work of a nearby salon, where Lohan spent almost five hours to achieve the perfect look. Immediately after leaving the salon, Lohan reportedly partied at the Townhouse Bar, the grand opening of Bootsy Bellows and arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel later on.

She finally began the journey home around 4:00 a.m. Is the new hue a sign that Lohan is also returning to her old, detrimental habits? The young star was recently released from parole after completing community service and rehabilitation under the orders of a judge.

Lohan has been hard at work on the set of the Lifetime film, which often had long days of shooting. During one day, medics were called after Lohan allegedly collapsed from dehydration and exhaustion. It was of great concern to producers and fans alike, who know how hard Lohan has worked to change her life around.

The actress celebrated her 26th birthday over the weekend and managed to stay sober, which was no small feat.

"There was a ton of alcohol at Lindsay's table, however she didn't appear to be drinking," an eyewitness to Lohan's party told Us Weekly.

"She sat at her table, close to the DJ. Speakerz was there and performed several songs for Lindsay. She was loving them and looked happy and carefree as she danced all around with her friends," the source added.

It appears as though Lohan is dedicated to making healthy choices, although it may be harder for her to kick one particular habit: smoking. Several sources have stated that during filming, Lohan smoked immediately after her scenes.

"Literally, every time she finishes a scene, she lights up another cigarette. You can hear the crew saying, 'That's cut- get a cigarette for Lindsay!'" one source told Us Weekly.