Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized After Car Crash in LA

Lindsay Lohan, 25-year-old actress set to play Elizabeth Taylor in a television movie, was hospitalized after being involved in a car crash in Los Angeles on Friday.

Lohan was hospitalized when her Porsche crashed into an 18-wheeler truck, shattering the windows of her vehicle, smashing the bumper and causing her airbag to be released. While the actress' condition had yet to be determined at press time, TMZ reported that an ambulance was called to the scene.

Lohan, who is starring in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic called "Liz & Dick," was involved in another car accident earlier this year. In March, the actress hit a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche after leaving the Sayers Club in Hollywood.

The actress was reportedly blocked by paparazzi as she was trying to leave the parking lot at the venue, and drove off after striking the victim.

Police officers told TMZ that the 26-year-old manager was not injured, and that the case would be closed unless the victim complained of further injury. A witness spoke to the publication about seeing Lohan bump the lounge manager, before fleeing the scene.

"She just bumped him, maybe she ran him over a little," a witness told TMZ before describing that she fled the scene like a crazy person."Yes, like a madwoman. She was pissed. (There was) paparazzi of 30 guys."

Lohan has been attempting to overcome trouble with the law after she was caught shoplifting in 2011. Lohan was ordered to undergo psychological counseling and a program for shoplifters along with her 360 hours of community service.

Despite the negative press that Lohan has received over the past year, she tweeted about being tough after overcoming her issues with the law.

"I'm a tough cookie," she tweeted. "A focused tough cookie!"

While Lohan was driving her car during her most recent accident,TMZ reports that eyewitnesses claim she was not at fault for the wreck that totaled her car.