Lindsay Lohan New Tattoo Means 'Truth, Love, Power'; Actress May be in New Relationship

Lindsay Lohan has a new tattoo and allegedly, a new boyfriend as well. The 27-year-old actress debuted the ink on her blog and explained its meaning for those who were curious.

The red ink is in the shape of a triangle, and underneath the photograph posted on her blog, Lohan posted a picture of another triangle where she supposedly got the inspiration from. At the top of the triangle is the word "Truth" with "Love" as the lower left angle and "Power" as the lower right corner.

"Wanted you guys to see it first," Lohan blogged. "Feeling good and love you."

It's a positive sign from the star who is still fresh from rehab and working to make her new life. Lohan has refrained from clubbing and is apparently focused on staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in New York. She also may be in a new relationship with a younger model, if reports are to be believed.

"Lindsay has only been seen Liam (Dean) for a few weeks, but they looked pretty into each other at [the nightclub] 1Oak," a source told the New York Post. "She was previously with an 18-year-old, so she seems to like younger men at the moment."

However, Lohan's publicist, Tej Herring told the Post that all reports of their relationship were "completely false."

Lohan has been busy rebuilding a solid support network that will help her stay clean and sober after spending 90 days in treatment. One of those removed from the star's social network is former girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

"Based upon past experiences of what happened when Lindsay gets out treatment and goes right back to bad influences and behaviors, Lindsay has said that she is going to keep Samantha out of her life. Lindsay is trying to avoid exactly what happened last time and that means making sure people like Sam and some of her other friends aren't around her anymore," a source close to Lohan told Radar Online.