Lindsey Lowe Trial Live Stream: Mother Accused of Smothering Newborns (VIDEO)

Lindsey Lowe's trial for the deaths of her infant sons took a dramatic turn yesterday as officers described finding the lifeless bodies of the two boys. Lowe faces charges of first-degree murder, but is not eligible for the death penalty since the jury abandoned the idea.

Lowe has already admitted to killing the babies that she claims she didn't know she was pregnant with. The boys were born in September at Lowe's home and immediately suffocated and placed in a laundry basket. Police did not find their bodies until two days later.

"After I pulled the bloody towel back, I saw a deceased infant," Officer Jeremy Fentress testified yesterday. He said he checked for a pulse, but there was none. The baby boy was already dead.

"He had to hand Baby No. 1 to me as the umbilical cord was still attached," Fentress said. "The placenta was located in the basket as well. Then at the bottom there was another newborn."

Sgt. James Garrett laid the baby on the bed when he noticed that his umbilical cord was still attached to something else. Upon further inspection, he found the second baby's body. He had been placed at the bottom of the laundry basket.

Jurors were shown photos of the home and the infants' bodies, which caused many of those in the courtroom to tear up. The judge already warned that the case would be emotional and grueling to sit through.

Prosecutors allege that Lowe smothered the twins in order to keep from revealing that she had had an affair.

"There were no diapers, no pacifiers, no formula, no blankets, no baby beds, no car seats," District Attorney Ron Blanton said. "The evidence will show that none of that existed. Why? Because the defendant hid the pregnancy. The state intends to prove two babies, twin brothers, were smothered by their own mother. That's what this case is about: two infants."

Yet the defense stated that Lowe was out of her mind and emotionally distanced from the twins she was carrying.

"She refused to accept it; her mind refused to accept it. She literally, on a day-to-day basis, did not realize she was pregnant," defense attorney John Pellegrin explained. "When she went into labor, she had no idea what she was doing or what was happening. She thinks her internal organs are coming out," he said.

"I just put my hand down there over their mouth – the baby's mouth – until it stopped crying," Lowe told police.

The trial continues today, with evidence being presented for at least the next five days, analysts predict.

Watch coverage of the trial here: