'Linsanity' DVD Released; Director Calls Christian Athlete's Story 'Universal'

"Linsanity" Director Evan Jackson Leong said in a new interview that Christian NBA star Jeremy Lin's story is both universal and transcendental, as the DVD of the movie was released on Tuesday.

"There are a lot of different elements for a lot of different audiences, but at the end of the day, this is a universal story that transcends sports, race, and culture. This a story about chasing your dreams," Leong told The Blaze in an interview.

The film, released in October 2013, tells the story of the NBA star who exploded onto the basketball scene with the New York Knicks and made headline news in February 2012 with a series of impressive performances. It documents the rising success of the first Asian-American to play in the NBA, and highlights the importance of faith through both his success and failure.

"I was initially drawn to Jeremy's story because of who he was and what he represented. On the court he was an amazing basketball player who could inspire a whole new generation of Asian Americans. Off the court he had the principles of a role model that could inspire everyone," Leong added.

In an interview with The Christian Post in October 2013, the director revealed that the movie was actually started long before Lin rose to fame. It began back when he was attending Harvard. Leong said that central to the NBA star's story is his faith.

"It's a huge component of who he is and how he lives, and so we had to make sure that that's part of it in this film," the director told CP. "We obviously wanted to explore other things of who he is; Asian-American, Ivy League, Bay Area, underdog, but if you didn't include all those, or you took one of those out, then you're not really exploring who he is as a person. His faith is really important to who he is."

Leong added that although Lin admits he doesn't like the spotlight, he realizes that God has given him an opportunity to share his journey and faith with others, which he has welcomed fully.

Lin, now playing for the Houston Rockets, has recently found himself in a number of trade rumors claiming he might be switching teams before the winter trade deadline. Reports have suggested he is in line for a three-team trade, with the popular Christian athlete supposedly heading to the Chicago Bulls as a replacement for the injured Derrick Rose.