Logan Stevenson, Dying 2-Year-Old, to Be Best Man at Parents' Wedding

Little Logan Stevenson, 2, will see one of his wishes come true this weekend when he serves as best man for his parents' wedding. However, the ceremony will be bittersweet since Logan is not expected to live much longer since he is suffering from a genetic disease that often causes cancer.

"On Tuesday, we went into the doctor's office … he told us Logan had one to three weeks left," Christine Swidorsky, Logan's mother, told Today. "We'd been planning a wedding – we were starting to look for halls, but we decided to have it now so Logan could be a part of it, so he could be in the pictures – so it could be something our family did together."

Logan was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, an incredibly rare genetic disorder that can cause cancer. He has bravely battled the disease since birth, undergoing surgeries, aggressive chemotherapy and a stem cell treatment. Nothing helped, though, and Logan has continually gotten worse.

Swidorsky and her fiancée, Sean Stevenson, met in 2007 and had Logan in 2010. Even though Logan appeared healthy, Swidorsky had her reservations and felt that something was wrong.

"He would bruise so easily, even when I just put him down on the changing table. When you have leukemia, your fingernails turn white ... His face, his eyes, I just knew something was wrong with Logan," Swidorsky said.

Now the family is planning to hold their wedding ceremony on Saturday; his mother and father wanted to make certain he was a part of it and have one last good memory.

"We got this all together with family and friends," Swidorsky told KDKA-TV. "All the help and donations from everybody, we thank you so much. There's such kind people out there, you don't even know who cares."

"You know, the only thing that keeps us going is our family and our love, so that's what we're here for, for our son, until God says so," Stevenson added.