Logan Stevenson Funeral: Best Man, 2, Finds Place in Heaven

The two year-old who served as a best man at his parents wedding just days before he passed from health complications is "with God" said a reverend at Logan Stevenson funeral over the weekend.

Logan Stevenson truly was the "best man" said family and friends as they united Saturday to celebrate the short but inspirational life of a two-year old boy. Stevenson died last Monday in his mother's arms. He suffered from leukemia and other medical complications, including a mass on his remaining kidney.

Rev. Jan Zotter told a funeral audience Saturday that Logan Stevenson's life "had an impact over the whole world," according to the Huffington Post. News of Stevenson's story broke a little over a week ago after his parents decided to make him the Best Man at their wedding. The couple planned the wedding to be a year from now but moved it up after discovering their son's medical condition to assure that he would be part of the event.

"He was a fighter," said Seth Antoniak, who was with Logan and the couple as they exchanged vows. "He was 2 and had everything thrown at him."

Reverend Zotter showed compassion for the boy's parents over the death of their son, stating that his death was one of those "mysteries of God that we can't fathom." She reassured them however by saying that all mysteries can be explained in time. And Stevenson's life in heaven was likely to be far more pleasurable.

"Logan is with God, the Father," Zotter said. "I bet he's playing baseball. I bet he's seeing the horses there."

An estimated 75 family and friends attended the service at the Mason-Gelder Funeral Home in Jeannette, about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh. Friends at the service left notes for the child recalling how sweet natured he was.